How to Sign-Up and Get Started with EdgeCTP (in 2 minutes)


This post will show you, in just 2 minutes, how to sign-up and get started with EdgeCTP, and its packages of EdgeCERTS, EdgeDOCS, EdgeXTRA, EdgeSalesFlow, EdgeTradeFlow etc.

1st Minute: Signing-Up to EdgeCTP

  • Open your favourite internet browser and go to
  • Once the page loads click either of the red boxes (white writing) that say:
    • 30 DAYS FREE” or “USE FOR FREE
    • Alternatively, if you want to spend an extra minute understanding ‘what is EdgeCTP’, then scroll down a little and click the dark grey/blue box “WATCH VIDEO

Click either: “30 Days Free” or “Use for Free” to sign-up right away

  • When the Get Started page appears, complete the mandatory fields of:
    • Plan – select the package you’ll subscribe to (first 30 days are free on any package) and here are the package pricing plans
    • Email – add the email with which you’ll log in to EdgeCTP
    • Business Name – enter the trading name of your business and you’d like appearing on commercial documents e.g. invoices, packing lists, certificates etc.
    • First Name – add the first name of the person registering your business to use EdgeCTP (i.e. your first name if it’s you)
    • Last Name – add the last name as the person registering your business to use EdgeCTP (i.e. your last name if it’s you)
  • Then tick the box + complete the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA
  • Finally, click the [SIGN ME UP] button

Complete the mandatory red (asterisks tagged) fields + captcha, then click [Sign Me Up]

2nd Minute: Get Started with EdgeCTP

  • Check your emails for an email with the subject: “Welcome to EdgeCTP”
    • If you cannot find it in your In-Box, check your spam or junk folders
    • If you still cannot find it, get in touch with Support

Combined Trading Platform (CTP)

CTP Makes Trading Nationally and Internationally Simple


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