4 steps to making your export order process a success.

How to Improve exporting
Improve the Export Order Process


In this blog, I’m going to show you how a little time spent upfront, doing some necessary due diligence, will significantly stack the odds in your favour when it comes to a successful export order.

Listen to what is the process of delivering goods overseas.

1 Shift your focus from your product to your customer

Having a first class product isn’t enough in today’s market as customers are increasingly demanding more “bang for their buck”. Consumers want a quality product at a great price, coupled with a pain-free delivery process and a fantastic after sales service. Welcome to the customer-focused world!

2 Product + Service = Total Package

Your “product” is the item you’ve produced AND the customer service you wrap around it. So before you fulfil that export order, think about how you’ll serve that international customer, and provide the outstanding service your product deserves, no matter where on Earth it is.

Why? Because putting your marketing investment into servicing existing customers, and encouraging them to buy more, is probably the single most easy revenue generator known in business. USE IT.

3 Don’t rush into fulfilling an order

“Yes, certainly sir, we can ship our widget to your country, no problem.  Now, how many did you want?” This may be the usual optimistic entrepreneurial approach exporters take, only to later find themselves dealing with broken promises and ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, not to mention a battle-field of international legislative land mines.  Do your due diligence on the customer, product and destination market first, BEFORE committing yourself to deliver with certainty.

4 Agree on Delivery Terms

Ensuring your Delivery Terms are correct is a vital step in making your export order process a success. Essentially they are a form of protection for both parties when shipping and receiving goods overseas. We cover Incoterms (2010) in more detail in our blog “Why every International Trading Company should know about Incoterms.”

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